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Albumleaf 174: November 24, 2020 (Bologna)

“Momentary Raptures”

Albumleaf 173: November 7, 2020 (Bologna)

“Little Vanishing World 7”

Albumleaf 172: October 27, 2020 (Bologna)

“Beautiful Games”

Albumleaf 171: October 15, 2020 (Bologna)

“Letting the Beast Out and Putting Him Back In Again”

Albumleaf 170: October 15, 2020 (Bologna)

“The Bird at Pilate’s Basin”

Albumleaf 169: July 6, 2020 (Bologna) So, below is a rough recording of this Albumleaf that I wrote over the summer. Since then, I’ve revised and rerecorded it for a very exciting project that I expect to be announcing in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the recording below does give a sense of the final version. […]


Albumleaf 168: April 20, 2020 (Bologna) The title means “I’m quiet.”

“Phrases from a Warm Weekend in Quarantine”

Albumleaf 167: April 12, 2020 (Bologna)

“Battuta dalla Quarantena”

Albumleaf 166: April 2, 2020 (Bologna) TEN YEARS AGO today, I posted my first Albumleaf.  The original goal was to write three ‘leaves every two weeks.  I came close in 2010, but shortly thereafter production slowed due to parenting and other musical projects.  From 2014, there’s only a single ‘leaf; in 2016, there were none.  […]

“Dall’orto se ne vien”

Albumleaf 165: March 24, 2020 (Bologna) “Back from the orchard he comes.” After Filippo Azzaiolo (d. 1570)