“Piano dolce”

Give this one the miss if you can’t handle C-major scales.

Albumleaf 134: June 2, 2018 (Bologna)


James Thurber Speaks

[Short-piece writers] sit on the edge of Literature.  In the house of Life they have the feeling that they have never taken off their overcoats. . . . [Such a writer’s] ears are shut to the ominous rumblings of the dynasties of the world moving toward a cloudier chaos than ever before, but he hears with an acute perception the startling sounds that rabbits make twisting in the bushes along a country road at night . . .  If is difficult for such a person . . . to paint a picture of one’s time.  Your short-piece writer’s time . . . is his own personal time, circumscribed by the short boundaries of his pain and his embarrassment, in which what happens in his digestion, the rear axle of his car, and the confused flow of his relationships with six or eight persons and two or three buildings is of greater importance than what goes on in the nation or in the universe. . . . All that the reader is going to find out is what happened to the writer.  The compensation, I suppose, must lie in the comforting feeling that one has had, after all, a pretty sensible and peaceful life, by comparison.

— James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times

“Liszt Gets in My Head”

I like Liszt–especially the B-minor sonata.  But when tunes get stuck in your head?

Not so much.

Albumleaf 133: May 26, 2018 (Bologna)


“The Shepheardes Calender — Maye”

Say you’re a tender little goat in a poem by Edmund Spenser, and a stranger comes knocking at your door asking for charity. 

Do you open?

Albumleaf 132: May 15, 2018 (Bologna)



Didn’t set out to write one this week, but I got sick of looking at a computer screen.

Albumleaf 131: May 4, 2018 (Bologna)


“Leaf in the Wind”

Fast and pretty. Enjoy!

Albumleaf 130: April 27, 2018 (Bologna)


“Slow Mozart”

Stick with it: the title doesn’t give it all away.

Albumleaf 129: April 19, 2018 (Bologna)



Run for cover.

Albumleaf 128: April 12, 2018 (Bologna)


Beethoven: Sonata op. 110. I. Moderato cantabile

Since most Beethoven is served overcooked, I thought I’d offer some raw. I wish I could take back a few moments, but I think it’s in good shape. (I’m dipping my toes back into performing in the coming months.) In any case, I haven’t posted any rep in years, and doing so was always part of the plan. Enjoy!

Recorded live, April 6, 2018, Bologna


“New Monticello”

New recording of the “old” Monticello thrown in for good measure.

Albumleaf 127: March 21-22, 2018 (Bologna)

I. Prelude — Albumleaf 127a: March 22


II. “New Monticello” — Albumleaf 127b: March 21


Here’s a new recording of the “old” Monticello (Albumleaf 16: June 8, 2010)