“Battuta dalla Quarantena”

Albumleaf 166: April 2, 2020 (Bologna)

TEN YEARS AGO today, I posted my first Albumleaf. 

The original goal was to write three ‘leaves every two weeks.  I came close in 2010, but shortly thereafter production slowed due to parenting and other musical projects.  From 2014, there’s only a single ‘leaf; in 2016, there were none.  In 2018, I decided I had just time enough to get to number 200 by the tenth anniversary, and I sped up composition.  But soon performance opportunities and The Shepheardes Calender—especially the composition of the second (non-Albumleaf) part—intervened, and here I am at 166, well short of 200.  Still, the ‘leaves do average out to more than one per month, and I’m content with that.  (And considering that there are two two-part Albumleaves, numbers 81 and 127, maybe we can call it 168, no?)

Reader, you can imagine what the site’s traffic has been like.   But Albumleaves has been very useful nonetheless and has led—and continues to lead—to other musical opportunities.  The project still interests me, and I have no plans to stop.  If I were more tech-savvy, I’d embark on a thorough redesign.  I have a huge artsy idea for that.  But I’m not there yet. 

So, here you are.  “Battuta dalla Quarantena” (“Joke from the Quarantine”).  It hardly marks the occasion in grand style.  But I get a kick out of it, and it harkens back to the days when the ‘leaves were shorter, less formal, and fell more frequently.

Thanks for listening!